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Cruise Hangover

Posted in Beatles Tribute Cruise, Personal, Website Stuff on April 12, 2010 by Bertone

One week after the fab Beatles Cruise and I just got back to my house last night!

Some of you who have been  regulars are wondering why the site hasn’t been updated, and some of you who connected with me during the cruise may be checking back for updates and finding none.  On the way back home my car broke down…for good. I had to take a bus halfway home and the rest is a long story. I had limited compute access and couldn’t give the website the attention it deserved. Here are a few things of note..

* I know some of you have been trying to get your accounts activated for the message board. There have been (since deleted) spam problems and I may be redoing or getting ride of the message board as it stands and replacing it with another discussion forum or something similar.

* The problems which occured with downloading episodes last week should be over now.

* I know I mentioned them in the post below but I want to give a shout out to All Beatles Store again. Great store and great site! Check them out!

* Be sure to check out the Beatles Tribute Cruise Facebook group page. Lots of photos being posted by everyone.

*During the Jorie Gracen “Behind The Lens” sequence on the cruise, I was asked to help give her “Get Wings In The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” campaign and this is the result.  More coming from that later but I’m pleased to have over 800 fans in less than a week.

Life is somewhat getting back to “normal”. I finally got home last night, I’m renting a car today, and I’m slowly going back to work, so check the site for news, photos, podcasts and other updates as they come!


Back from “Beatles Tribute Cruise”

Posted in Beatles Tribute Cruise, Personal on April 4, 2010 by Bertone

What a great week! I start with the Beatles Tribute Cruise and I just got back from seeing Paul McCartney! A few quick points…

* I will post more updates and pictures in the next 24 hours or so. Getting off of the boat, taking care of car problems, seeing Sir Paul and driving back home will take up much of my time.

* I am aware some of you are having trouble downloading podcasts that I posted on the cruise. I will have that problem fixed by Monday.

* Welcome everyone who found my website through meeting me on the cruise. Take a look around, but check back during the week as I’ll have more updates..things are a bit more desolate now because of how busy I’ve been. The “cruise updates” podcasts were edited quickly on the boat and I think it shows, I’d recommend listening to older episodes first…but check back later as Woody and I will be doing a formal “Cruise Exit Interview” episode.

Thanks…now to get some sleep…more travels tomorrow!

The Night Before

Posted in Beatles Tribute Cruise, Personal on March 28, 2010 by Bertone

It’s Saturday night and tomorrow I’ll be sailing on the Beatles Tribute Cruise. I’m all packed and super excited. I even brought some of my games (Beatles Trivial Pursuit, Beatles Monopoly) because I’ll finally have some other fans to play them with. I’ll be rereading some Beatles books by the pool, laying in the sun and doing some general networking with fans. I’m excited to see old friends May Pang and Nancy Andrews again and excited about meeting new friends. I’ve known Woody for almost a year and I’ll finally be meeting him face to face. When this was announced last summer I was thrilled and the day has finally come.

The goal is to post daily photo updates and a daily podcast. My laptop is having issues which is frustrating coming so soon after my summer computer issues when it was fried by lightning. If they can’t be daily they will at least be four released during the week. I’ll have my portable recorders and cameras with me and will be documenting as much as I can.
I have a different Beatles shirt for each day will be showing up wearing eight Beatles buttons on my blue “Beatles Tribute Cruise” shirt tomorrow. Look for me if you’ll be there.

Happy Birthday Steve

Posted in Beatles Examiner, Personal on November 17, 2009 by Bertone

Today is Steve Marinucci’s birthday. Everyone send him well wishes! This guy is the best at what he does and that’s finding Beatles news! Without him the front page would be a wasteland. Have a fab birthday!

Five Years

Posted in Personal, Podcast, Website Stuff on October 30, 2009 by Bertone

October 30th, 2004

FAU Owl Radio Studios, Saturday 4pm (I think it was 4PM)

An 18 year old boy, a mixer and crate of Beatles CD’s.

Holy cow. It’s been five years since I first stepped into the radio studio booth with a crate full of Beat;es CD’s and went on the air. It’s been an amazing ride. At age 18 time was different and five years seemed like an eternity. I never imagined I would still be doing the show now. The thought never crossed my mind.

This show takes lots of work and as I’ve grown up and gotten more responsibilities and obligations, it’s been harder to keep this show up. On more than once occasion I entertained the thought of just ending it and a year and a half ago I nearly did. I don’t regret keeping it up though. It’s worth all the work and trouble put into it. The fan reactions have been great and I’ve have the privilege of interviewing (and dare I say, become friends with) some important people in the Beatles world.

It’s all driven by a love for the Beatles, and sharing that love with the fans.

Love is all you need.

Happy Birthday May Pang

Posted in May Pang, Personal on October 24, 2009 by Bertone


Today is May Pang’s birthday and I thought that warranted a special announcement here.

I consider May Pang a very special friend to the podcast/website. Over the five years (our birthday is next Friday) that this show has existed, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to some extraordinary Beatle related people. Denny Seiwell was a masterful musician, and Rod Davis (a Quarrymen) has been there from the start. I haven’t had the pleasure of talking to Ringo or Paul (I have my hopes), but the closest thing to that was an actual Beatle. I hung out backstage with Pete Best himself. All very unforgettable experiences. But May Pang will always be special. May Pang was the first.

Before the podcast was on iTunes, before the website was up and running, I was just a little campus radio show growing my legs. I was 18 turning 19 and in  my first year at “Florida Atlantic University”. I was devouring every Beatle book I could read and in 2004 (thanks to Beatle freak Lisa) I was able to borrow a copy of the must sought after “Loving John”, which is May’s first book. I read the book as often as I could, even sneaking it during some college classes.

I ventured onto the internet to check out May’s website and decided to shoot off an e-mail asking for an interview on the show. Being 18 years old and producing a campus radio show which only had a few episodes out, I figured it would be a tough sell. She agreed to do it which was a big deal for me.

The road from agreeing to the do the interview and having the interview actually get done was a long one. At one point we spoke on the phone for a pre-interview arrangement and it was for about an hour. I was in seventh heaven because as a Beatles fan she was like a celebrity to me. It was months later (Feb 2005) when we actually got it done. You can here the interview in all it’s glory by clicking here. You can hear my nervousness at the beginning. I tried to make the interview different by asking her something different than all the same questions which have answers that can be found in her book.

Over the years we kept in touch through casual e-mails. We discussed little things like her brief reunion with Yoko a few years ago and the controversial “Walls and Bridges” remasters. My friend Maddy found out meeting her at a Beatles convention in Canada. I sent Maddy an extra copy of “Loving John” to get signed as a gift. Maddy and May apparently discussed my “cookyness”.

Then earlier this year I made the trip to Georgia to see May and Nancy Andrews photo exhibit. I got to meet May in person and she was wonderful. She spent hours at the reception speaking with all the fans answering all the questions she could. It was a blast. Nancy Andrews was great too, but that is another post for another time.

May doesn’t always get the credit in Beatles history she deserves, but she carries herself with dignity. She’s always willing to talk to Beatles fans and answer questions, including this fan. That first interview with her was our first step from being a campus radio show to becoming what we are now. Happy Birthday May,  I hope it’s awesome.