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Cruise Report DAY 2

Posted in Uncategorized on March 29, 2010 by Bertone

Woke up early this morning for Nancy Andrews and May Pang’s “Question and Answer” session. Great, except I didn’t kn0w we were dealing with a time change! I was at the theatre an hour before anyone!
The session went well. I’ll have video and audio (I took both…separately) up later. I did a question wrong during the trivia section, but it’s all good. The boat was very rocky and Nancy kept cracking me up with the physical comedy she did.

Paul Saltzman gave a very good lecture/discussion on the Beatles in India. He showed us some slides of the pictures he took during his time there. Then it was onto the vendor show. I could have easily spent 10,000 dollars there, luckily nothing left my wallet. I wound up helping May at her station since her two helpers were in their room seasick.

I finally got a chance to chat with Jorie Gracen at dinner. We are both very big Wings fans and discussed the controversy over Wings being snubbed by the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”.

We ended the night with a showing of “A Hard Day’s Night”. I sat with Woody and we relived the magic of that great piece of cinema history.

I’ll write more later, and I know I’ve let alot out, but it’s time to rest and relax!

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Cruise Report Day 1

Posted in Beatles Tribute Cruise on March 28, 2010 by Bertone

I’m having a blast at the Beatles Tribute Cruise. I wore 8 Beatles buttons on my shirt today, so naturally I looked just like a TGIF Fridays server. I ran into May and her daughter Lara at guest services. Things were a bit uncertain because Nancy’s plane was running late. Luckily Nancy made it.

When the ship left the dock our group went to the pool deck to see BritBeat perform. It was an awesome concert and video will be uploaded later. I met Woody in person and he seemed thrilled that everything was coming together after all his months of planning. Joe Johnson from Beatles Brunch was there and did a trivia contest. I feel like it was cheating but I did win a Ringo “Y Not” CD.

At the welcoming party both Woody Lifton and May Pang gave me a special introduction which was very flattering. Shannon was there but unfortunately her luggage was not. Her painting would have to sent to one of our stops and shown at a later date. Luckily Nancy Andrews lent her some clothing so she wouldn’t have to keep wearing the same thing. Nancy and I were delighted to see eachother again and she introduced me to her husband who was also on board.

BritBeat gave another rocking performance. Someone requested “Some Other Guy” and they actually did it off the top of their heads (admitting they never performed it before).
“Wow, I’ve never seen a Beatles tribute band do SOME OTHER GUY”. – Woody Lifton

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The Night Before

Posted in Beatles Tribute Cruise, Personal on March 28, 2010 by Bertone

It’s Saturday night and tomorrow I’ll be sailing on the Beatles Tribute Cruise. I’m all packed and super excited. I even brought some of my games (Beatles Trivial Pursuit, Beatles Monopoly) because I’ll finally have some other fans to play them with. I’ll be rereading some Beatles books by the pool, laying in the sun and doing some general networking with fans. I’m excited to see old friends May Pang and Nancy Andrews again and excited about meeting new friends. I’ve known Woody for almost a year and I’ll finally be meeting him face to face. When this was announced last summer I was thrilled and the day has finally come.

The goal is to post daily photo updates and a daily podcast. My laptop is having issues which is frustrating coming so soon after my summer computer issues when it was fried by lightning. If they can’t be daily they will at least be four released during the week. I’ll have my portable recorders and cameras with me and will be documenting as much as I can.
I have a different Beatles shirt for each day will be showing up wearing eight Beatles buttons on my blue “Beatles Tribute Cruise” shirt tomorrow. Look for me if you’ll be there.

Fest for Beatles Fans 2010 rocks Secaucus — a special report

Posted in Beatles Examiner on March 27, 2010 by ificandream

Beatles Tribute Cruise sails tomorrow, but you can check out some live streaming and other reports from Beatles Fest at Steve’s link below.–report-from-Jonathan-Polk

Beatle news briefs: Two original Liverpool bands back on stage; Yoko remembers her life in Japan

Posted in Beatles Examiner on March 27, 2010 by ificandream

Lots of interesting Beatles news. Apparently a film called “Lennon Naked” is being developed which shall center around the 1970 “Lennon Remembers” interviews. Should be awesome.

Decade in Review

Posted in Beatles Examiner, Podcast on March 26, 2010 by Bertone

I’ve promised this thing for months and it’s FINALLY here. Click here to check out the “Decade in Review” episode of “Bertone Beatle Bonanza” that I recorded with “Beatles Examiner” Steve a few months ago.

I hope to have the Laurence Juber episode up before I leave for my Beatles Cruise!

You can spend a night in this very room where a Beatle once slept

Posted in Beatles Examiner on March 26, 2010 by ificandream

One hotel is very proud of it’s history of Beatle guests. Although the manager isn’t sure which Beatle stayed in which room, he does offer Beatles Room specials and has the atmosphere with¬†appropriate¬†music and more. Check out more in Steve’s article below.