Bertone Beatle Bonanza podcast returns!

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We’ve finally moved from Podomatic to Libsyn. Hopefully this will be a much better thing for the show. Our first new episode in a long time has just been released. 

In this episode we cover..

* Twitter foolishly wondering who Paul McCartney is.

* Did John Lennon have an eating disorder?

* Big Time Rush coveirng Beatle songs for a new movie.

* Two former Wings teaming up to do a Beatles album.

* The passing of Davy Jones.


All this, plus some Beatles tunes. Detailed song and artist list for the episode will be edited on the description later. 

Questions or comments can be e-mailed to

Our new podcast page is . The link on our banner will change to reflect that soon.


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The day is finally here! The show returns from hiatus number 99 to talk about the Fab Four coming to iTunes. Steve “Beatles Examiner” talks with me on this episode about the implications and reactions.

Check it out here!

Beatle pic of the day

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Someone sent this to me from Hilarious photoshop! This is one of the reasons why the internet is great!

Hello all!

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No new posts on here since April?!?!? Can you believe! No promises from me (I’ve learned my lesson), but I will TRY to get things back to daily posts!

It’s also been a long time since there has been a podcast. I’ve so busy guesting on and producing podcasts for comic book media that “Bertone Beatle Bonanza” has gotten left behind.

It also has to do with the fact that I’m attempting to switch from Podomatic to Libsyn as a podcast server. Hopefully the transition goes well.  I do want to get the next episode out soon…it’s been sitting here waiting to be edited since July (!?!). Yup, I’ve been busy!

Currently listening to “Fab Fourum” as I’m typing this. Great podcast that everyone should hear. I’ve also been enjoying the “Band on the Run” remasters. How have you all been?

LJ Plays The Beatles

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I’ve been on another Wings kick lately. I decided to re-listen to Laurence Juber’s “LJ Plays The Beatles” album this morning to quench my thirst for Wings and Beatles stuff. LJ was a member of Wings towards the end and has since become a renowned guitarist. The album in question is acoustic covers of Beatles classics and as you can see the cover is pretty awesome. I’d recommend you all check it out.

Saw him in concert earlier this year. Will have some material from that up later..

Beatle fact of the day

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Did you know….

….that James Bond (Sean Connery) dissed the Beatles in the “Goldfinger” movie only to later cover “In My Life” on a George Martin tribute album?

Beatle pic of the day

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A great piece called “The Seven Faces of John” by Beatles artist Shannon, whom I had the pleasure of getting to know on the Beatles Tribute Cruise 2010. The picture has recently been selected as official art for John Lennon’s 70th birthday celebration in Liverpool.